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90% of local business owners we talk to don’t do email marketing. This is a missed opportunity because newsletters and nurturing campaigns are incredibly powerful tools for engaging customers and driving sales. Intrigued? Here are four essential tips to help you master email marketing and take your business to the next level.

email marketing tips oceanfront agency

1. Audience Consent – Opt-in

Only send emails to clients who have asked for them or subscribed to your newsletter. Sending unsolicited emails is not only illegal, but it can also harm your domain’s reputation. Users who receive unwanted emails may flag you as spam, which can make it difficult to reach your audience’s inbox in the future.

2. Run tests before launching Newsletters

Before you send your emails, use tools to check their likelihood of being flagged as spam. A simple copy-paste into a tool like Mailmeteor can help ensure you’re good to go. Best practices include avoiding excessive exclamation marks, all caps, and overusing words like “free”.

3. Optimize your copy

With the vast number of emails people receive daily, your content must be valuable. This could be through your brand’s tone, unique offerings, or presentation. Use intriguing subject lines to boost open rates and guide your audience with clear CTAs. Since strategies vary in effectiveness, regularly run A/B tests and explore new approaches.

4. Prioritize text over Design

Many email systems filter out images. That means that when you send pictures on your email or worse, if you previously crafted your email and sends it as a picture file it will not be seen by most users at first. To ensure readability, prioritize text over images or intricate designs.

In conclusion, while many local business owners overlook email marketing, it remains one of the most effective tools for customer engagement and sales growth. By focusing on audience consent, rigorously testing your emails, optimizing your content, and prioritizing text over design, you can create compelling newsletters and nurturing campaigns that resonate with your audience. Implement these four essential tips to enhance your email marketing strategy, and watch your business thrive as you build stronger connections with your customers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage email marketing to its fullest potential.

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